January 2015

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IEEE ICRA 2015 Workshop on Soft robotics: Actuation, integration, and applications – Blending research perspectives for a leap forward in soft robotics technology

Date: May 30th, 2015
Poster abstracts and Live Demos submission deadline: March 2nd, 2015
Notification of acceptance: April 1st, 2015

* The 2015 Prize for Contributions in Soft Robotics:

The Soft Robotics Toolkit team is delighted to announce the 2015 Prize for Contributions in Soft Robotics. The $5,000 prize is intended to support and promote research that advances the field of soft robotics. Researchers are invited to submit original work to the Soft Robotics Toolkit website in order to be considered for the award. An international panel of expert judges will evaluate the entries and the winners will be announced on July 15th. For more details, please see this link.

* Soft Robotics Week:

Soft Robotics Week will be held on April 13-17, 2015, in Livorno, Italy.

Two major events will take place: (1) Joint School on “Applications and Frontiers of Soft Robotics”- April 13-17, including the SMART-E Technical Skills Workshop and the RoboSoft Spring School (2) RoboSoft Plenary Meeting – April 15-16, 2015

The SMART-E Technical Skills Workshop and the RoboSoft Spring School merge together in a unique Joint School on “Applications and Frontiers of Soft Robotics” co-organized by the SMART-E Initial Training Network and the RoboSoft Coordination Action.

New Videos

* A low-friction passive fluid transmission and fluid-tendon soft actuator, scientific result was presented in Adv. Funct. Mater.

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