January 2018

Highlighted News 

* The first IEEE Conference on Soft Robotics (Robosoft 2018) will be held on April 24-28, 2018

* Workshop attached to Robosoft 2018: “Soft-bodied structures in nature and robotics: towards new trends and opportunities” (April 24, Livorno, Italy)

* Workshop attached to Robosoft 2018: “Soft robotics at small scales: Robotic functionalities by soft and smart materials” (April 24, Livorno, Italy)

* February issue of Soft Robotics is already online

* Call for Papers: Special issue “Soft Robotics” in MDPI Biomimetics (Deadline: 30 April 2018)

New Videos

* 4 Awesome Advancements In Robotics (Jan. 2018)

* Artificial muscles are becoming more human-like (Jan. 2018)

* An active compliant impact protection system for humanoids: Application to WALK-MAN hands (Jan. 2018)

The walking, jumping, swimming milli-bot (Feb. 2018)

Published Journal Articles

* Related review / editorial:

* Soft arm, manipulation, grasping:

* Soft locomotion, compliant locomotion:

* Soft sensing, artificial skin, electronic skin:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Morphological computation, morphological change, self-organization:

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