Oct-Dec 2023


  • RoboSoft 2024 will host the first-ever demo expo
  • RoboSoft 2024 Workshops (14.04.2024):
    • Bio-hybrids: When robots get alive
    • Bio-inspired Soft Metamorphic Aerial Robotics -Year 3-
    • Democratization of Soft Robotics through Embodied Intelligence
    • From Layers to Limbs: Exploring the Interface of 3D Printing and Bio-Inspired Musculoskeletal Robotics
    • Multimodal Soft Robots for Multifunctional Manipulation, Locomotion, and Human-Machine Interaction
    • Soft Robotics-Inspired Biology
    • Challenges and Opportunities of Electrically-Driven Soft Actuators
    • Embodied Exploration Through Muscular Hydrostats
    • Fluid-driven soft actuators: challenges and opportunities
    • Into the Woods: Soft machines for Ecosystem Exploration
    • Material intelligence through multifunctional structures: challenges in design and manufacturing
    • Pristine Waters Observatories – Where Eco and Soft Robotics Meet
    • Shape Morphing in Soft Robots: Debates, Challenges and Future Directions
    • Shape Morphing Robots: From Pattern-to-pattern to Programmable Shape Morphing
    • Soft Electronics meets Soft Robotics
    • Stiffening techniques for soft robotics
  • MDPI Special Issue: “Soft Robotics: Land, Water, Air Advances”

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