May 2017

Highlighted News 

* The first book dedicated on the foundations and trends of soft material robotics, including review of reviews, is already available on, and

* The Workshop on Advanced Fabrication and Morphological Computation for Soft Robotics at IEEE ICRA was successfully organized. The book of abstracts can still be downloaded here.

* Soft robot “Anguis” competed in Robotart competition

* The CMU Soft Machines Lab is accepting applications for postdoctoral appointments in the areas of soft-matter robotics and shape programmable matter. Please send your CV, contact information for three references, and a one-page cover letter to

* PhD position is available in aquatic soft robotics at University of Southampton. For further enquires, please contact:

* Funded PhD positions at Royal College of Art. Applicants with backgrounds in mechatronics, software, or engineering design to address challenges in soft robotics/ mobile robotics. Fur further enquiry, please contact:

* Soft Robotics journal has a new impact factor of 8.649

* The latest issue of Soft Robotics journal is available (consists of eight articles)

New Videos

Fluid electrodes for submersible robotics based on diaelectric elastomer actuators (April 2017)

Meet the Paik Lab (May 2017)

Soft sheet actuator generating travelling waves inspired by gastropod’s locomotion (June 2017)

Two-level approach for solving the inverse kinematics of an extensible soft arm (June 2017)

Published Journal Articles

* Soft arm, manipulation, grasping:

* Soft locomotion, compliant locomotion:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Soft robot fabrication, growing robot:

* Morphological computation, morphological change, self-organization:

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