May 2014

Highlighted News

* Successfully organized workshops on Soft Medical Robots and Soft Robots at IEEE ICRA 2014 

* “Exploring soft robots: tales from the RoboSoft community” became the finalist of the Pecha Kucha sessions at IEEE ICRA 2014

* Workshop on “Advances on Soft Robotics” will be held at RSS 2014

New Videos

* Hydrogel walker soft robots, scientific results was published in Soft Matter 

* Caspar the soft robotics fish, scientific results was presented at ISER 2014

A novel type of compliant, underactuated robotic hand for dexterous grasping, scientific results will be presented at RSS 2014

Published Journal Articles

* Review:

* Soft manipulation:

* Soft locomotion:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Morphological computation, morphological change, self-organization:

* Soft-matter electronics, stretchable electronics :

* Biological studies:

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