July 2017

Highlighted News 

* The latest issue (June 2017) of the Soft Robotics journal is already available.

* The dataset containing the CAD models for creating a RBO Hand is already available. Further information can be found here.

* Paper on Soft Robotics was a Finalist for the Best Systems Paper in Memory of Seth Teller at RSS 2017

New Videos

Development of a deformation-driven rolling robot with a soft outer shell (June 2017)

Harvard arthrobots (June 2017)

Stanford researchers develop vine-like, growing robot (July 2017)

* Watch a robotic exoskeleton help a stroke patient walk (July 2017)

Simulation of robot traversing curved surface (Aug. 2017)

Published Journal Articles

* Soft arm, manipulation, grasping:

* Soft locomotion, compliant locomotion:

* Soft sensing, artificial skin, electronic skin:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Soft robot fabrication, growing robot, self-healing robot:

* Morphological computation, morphological change, self-organization:

Conference Articles

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