July 2013

Recent and Upcoming Events

* SoftRobot 2013 (International Workshop on Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation, July 2013).  Media coverage:

* The launch of Soft Robotics (SoRo): a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the science and engineering of soft materials in mobile machines.

* The first soft robotics workshop at IROS (November, 2013).

New Project

Softworm crowdsourcing project (The Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and the Neuromechanics and Biomimetic Devices Laboratory): “We focus on developing a social media platform for determining control strategies for robots. Users log on to our website and take turns controlling our robotic caterpillar, the Softworm, while we crowd source their strategies in order to create a genetic algorithm for the robot”. Further information can be found here.

Published Journal Articles

* Review:

* Soft manipulation:

* Soft sensing:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Morphological computation, self organization:

* Biological studies:

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