May 2020

Highlighted News 

June issue of Soft Robotics is already online

* Recordings of ICRA 202o Workshop on Beyond Soft Robotics: Pioneer Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Collaboration is available here

* Postdoctoral fellowship in Machine Learning for Soft Robotics is available in the EPFL Lab. of Intelligent Systems. We are interested in developing methods for the co-design of control, morphology, and materials of soft robots. Priority will be given to applicants with published research in machine learning with physical robots. Applicants should send an email to with a CV, project portfolio, names and contacts of three references, and a full publication list. The position is available immediately and will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Only selected applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks for an interview.

* A postdoctoral research fellow position is available at Monash University, Malaysia Campus, for a period of 1-3 years. The applicant should hold a PhD from a reputable university and research experience in any or some of the following areas: control and state estimation, musculoskeletal systems modelling, soft wearable robots. Applicants can enquire with, or send their CV, full publication list and names and contacts of three references to The position is available immediately and will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

New Videos

* Light-controlled hydrogel microrobots (Apr 2020)

* GE’s bio-inspired giant earthworm-like tunneling robot (May 2020)

* Inspired by cheetahs, tesearchers build fastest soft robots yet (May 2020)

* Variable-stiffness tensegrity spine (May 2020)

* A soft sensorized foot module to understand anisotropic terrains during soft robot locomotion (May 2020)

* Pneumatically triggered color change in soft robots (May 2020)

* Hopper repeat jump (May 2020)

* 3D-printed pneumatic soft snake robot for constrained environments (June 2020)

Untethered multimode fluidic actuation: A new approach to soft and compliant robotics (June 2020)

* Walking like a millipede (June 2020)

Published Journal

* Related view and review:

* Soft arm, manipulation, grasping:

* Soft locomotion, compliant locomotion:

* Soft sensing, artificial skin, electronic skin:

* Soft actuator, flexible actuator, compliant actuator:

* Soft robot application:

* Soft robot fabrication, embodied intelligence, morphological computation, morphological change:

* Soft matter electronics, stretchable electronics:

Conference Articles

  • More than three hundreds titles, with possible double counting, are categorized under the following keywords in IEEE ICRA 2020: Flexible Robots; Modeling, Control, and Learning for Soft Robots; Soft Robot Applications; Soft Robot Materials and Design; Soft Sensors and Actuators

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